Appalachia Funders Network

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The Appalachia Funders Network Road Map:
The Steering Committee would like to offer an interconnected set of goals, indicators of progress, and concrete action steps for the Appalachia Funders Network. This road map is not an operational plan, to be followed step-by-step; rather, it is an interrelated set of broad goals and action steps for the network, all of which will move forward simultaneously. We see this road map as a suggestion rather than a prescription.
Click here to download the 2014-2015 Road Map


On October 27th, 2011″Moving from Vision to Action: A Framework for Advancing the Goals of the Appalachia Funders Network.”










Purpose: During this webinar, we asked members for their feedback on Startup Appalachia, a framework to bring purpose & focus to the goals of the Network, while aligning the Network with the interest of key Federal agencies, businesses, and nonprofits across the region.

In addition, the webinar also provides members with an update on the following:

  • The Network Road Map – We recapped the purpose and goals of the Network
  • Updated Work Plan – We discussed the work that has been moving forward between August and October
  • Next Steps – We provided an overview for the work ahead