Since the Network formed in 2010, it has created the space and support for relationships to grow, common analysis and vision to develop, and collaborations to form. Members have formed seven groups that build community capacity, leverage resources into the region, explore equity, advance food and agriculture systems, promote clean energy and protect natural resources, revitalize downtowns, celebrate arts, and support a culture of health. Members recognize that the more relationships, common analysis, and vision we have, the more we can align our strategies to make lasting impact on the root cause challenges holding back the region from greater prosperity.


Accelerate an equitable Appalachian transition by convening and connecting funders for learning, analysis, and collaboration.


We envision a healthy, equitable, and vibrant region that, through strong partnerships, civic engagement, and leadership, preserves our unique assets and provides prosperity for all. 


  1. Build Relationships & Trust Among Appalachia Funders.

    Network members have relationships & trust, leading to consistent communication, mutual support, and collaborative partnerships.

  2. Facilitate Common Understanding, Analysis & Vision.

    Network members are working from a common analysis, shared vision, and collectively defined set of promising practices to accelerate the Appalachian transition.

  3. Foster Cross Sector Connections & Collaborations.

    Network members are collaborating across public, private, and nonprofit sectors to solve complex problems and accelerate large scale change.

  4. Align Existing Resources & Leverage New Investments. 

    Network members are working together to coordinate local and regional grantmaking while leveraging outside investments and support for the Appalachian transition.

  5. Support Network Leadership & Network Structure. 

    The network has the leadership, structure, and capacity to advance its goals.

Guiding Principles

The Network upholds the following guiding principles in our work:

  • Foster cross sector partnerships, civic engagement, and leadership.
  • Advocate for long-term, strategic investments.
  • Include practitioners in the work to learn, analyze, and develop strategies for the region.
  • Maximize resources for the region and not the Network.
  • Promote inclusion and diversity.
  • Cultivate trust, transparency and accountability.

Members can view our Network Guidelines here

Our Structure

The Network consists of over 59 member organizations who believe that their participation in the Network is helping to further their mission and deepen their impact. The Network's Steering Committee is a group of influential local, regional, and international funders who guide the overarching roles, activities, and impacts of the Network. The Steering Committee includes representation from the Appalachian Impact Fund, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, the Educational Foundation of America Foundation, Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky, Osteopathic Heritage Foundations, Thompson Charitable Fund, Natural Capital Investment, East Tennessee Foundation and the Cassiopeia Foundation . 

The Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky serves as our fiscal sponsor.