Members of the Appalachia Funders Network see their relationships grow and strategies mature, helping them further their mission and deepen their impact. Click here to see a list of our 2019 members.

The Intangibles

  • Stronger connections to other grantmakers
  • Thorough analysis of opportunities to advance the region’s economy
  • Expanded access to new resources and initiatives

The Tangibles

  • Receive a discount on Gathering registration 
  • Access a searchable database of our members across their areas of interest, geography, and foundation type
  • Peer or self-nominate to join the Steering Committee and further guide the Network towards its bold vision
  • Participate in issue focused group decisions, projects, and votes

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Testimonials from Our Members

“Through the Network, we have a smarter way to gain traction for the region.” ~ Gerry Roll, Executive Director, Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky

“Working with the network makes me smarter.” ~ Sandra Mikush, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation

“We have learned new techniques, had access to data, information and learning tools we would not have had. We have also taken on special projects. We are in the process of changing our contribution cycles based on the information we’ve gained from this network.” ~ Becky Ceperley, President and CEO of the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation

We have the potential to build a different kind of relationship between philanthropy and the people on the ground. When we engage grantee partners in developing our analysis, we create more authentic relationships between the funding world and people living and working in the region.” - Sandra Mikush, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation

“The Appalachia Funders Network has been very effective at helping its members understand what they can accomplish working together that they might not be able to achieve on their own. Over the next several years we are going to see greater impact in the Region because of these partnerships.” - Earl Gohl, former Federal Co-Chair of the Appalachia Regional Commission

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Membership is open to organizations that provide funding in Central Appalachia - all of West Virginia and the Appalachian Counties of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina. Our members include private foundations, community foundations, family foundations, Federal agencies, and financial institutions. All members are committed to accelerating an equitable transition in the region.

Membership Dues Levels

Recommended levels of support are assessed based on total funding in Appalachia in the last full fiscal year.

  • Guidelines are based on the applicant's current funding in Central Appalachia, but may be adjusted to fit your needs.
  • Membership dues should be based on the value you find in the Network, your commitment to the transition, and your ability to pay. 
  • Fees may be paid in annual dues, as an annual grant and/or as special support for particular activities, as long as the giving totals fall in the ranges below.
  • The majority of our members are community foundations, which have limited ability to pay, but a high level of commitment to the region. To help offset the costs for smaller foundations, we ask that foundations with the ability to do so consider contributing above the suggested amount below or consider investor-level contribution.

 Trial Membership

We recognize you may be new to the Network and want to ensure that all interested funders access the benefits of  membership. We offer a trial membership for $250 to allow foundations to test the value of their membership.


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