We Come from a place where

Margo Miller, Co-Chair of the Appalachia Funders Network Steering Committee crafted the below poem from the presentations and tweets at the Gathering. She read it at the closing of our learning day, Wednesday April 15, 2015.

We Come from a place where
The fog from the mountains look like crushed velvet
a place of natural beauty and a rich culture

We Come from a place
of place-based folks and organizations
a place with a long history of independence,
America’s First Frontier
where we are protected by the shelter of the timeless Appalachian mountains

We are a group of people who
are grantmakers big and small and practitioners
who want to work together for the economic transition of the region
this is our table, the place where we work together.

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Impact Investing for Healthy Communities: Fundamentals, Models, & Examples

Join Lisa Richter of Avivar Capital, Sandra Mikush, Deputy Director of the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, and colleagues from across central Appalachia to explore how you can maximize your investment potential through the use of Program-Related Investments (PRI).



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Just Transition Fund

In early 2015, a group of philanthropic foundations joined forces to create the Just Transition Fund to support coal-impacted communities working on transition issues. The Fund is a $450,000 fund created by national and regional foundations to rapidly award capacity building grants to help coalfield and coal plant-impacted communities better prepare for economic transition and compete for the Federal POWER Initiative grants.

The fund is a model for using public/private partnerships to advance economic transition in these coal-impacted communities. 

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Promising Sectors Video

Take a peek into some of the innovative efforts to advance the economic transition in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Below is a video where we highlight some successful efforts in the local food, health, renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. These examples punctuate the opportunities that unite the entire Central Appalachian region.


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Jane Higgins, Blue Grass Community Foundation

How did you get involved with the Appalachia Funders Network?

The Blue Grass Community Foundation has fund holders in 19 Eastern Kentucky counties and five Community Endowments with local advisory boards in Appalachia Kentucky.  It is through this work that we became involved in the Appalachia Funders Network. 

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