Partner Event: 2016 Philanthropy WV Annual Conference

AFN member, Philanthropy WV, has extended the registration deadline for their annual conference on October 25-27, 2016 in Huntington, WV. The deadline to register is now Wednesday, October 19th. Click here to learn about and register for the conference. 

Jen Giovannitti, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond


How did you come to work in community development?

I grew up in the Appalachian area of Pennsylvania, in an area that was very rural and mountainous. I went to undergrad in Pittsburgh, PA, and I became fascinated with how other types of cities work. I focused my undergraduate studies in that direction and then went to graduate school for community and regional planning in Vancouver, BC. I was exposed to the Cascadia mindset, which was more environmentally and international development planning focused. That’s where my real passion for community development took root. The biggest trajectory of my career was when I was awarded a research fellowship and lived in Vietnam for 2 years. At that time, Vietnam was the 13th poorest country in the world. My research focused on a project about slum settlement relocation and another on marketplaces and women’s role in the household economy. Looking back, it was specifically relevant to Appalachia and the importance of “place” in our lives because in a communist country like Vietnam, they can literally relocate people, but the people inevitably gravitate back to these places where they feel they want to live. I truly loved poverty alleviation work because it allowed me to see the compelling and entrepreneurial subcultures of people that exist in places like slum settlements. 

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Carolina Textile District: Thriving Here

Changing the way that manufacturing is done in the rural South. Learn how the Carolina Textile District is revitalizing the textile industry by supporting small to mid-size manufacturing firms, encouraging environmental sustainability and creating better quality jobs.

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Request for LOI Announcement

"New funding opportunity! Through this Request for Letters of Inquiry (RFLOI), The Educational Foundation of America seeks to improve access to abortion and contraception in the Central Appalachian region. For a complete copy of this RFLOI and access to our online application, please visit: Please share widely!

Questions? Please contact Laura Nixon –”

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$38.8 million in POWER Grants Awarded for 29 Economic and Workforce Development Projects

We are so excited to read the latest news release from the White House announcing the $38.8 million in POWER grants that have been awarded. Congratulations to our partners and colleagues in Appalachia who are working so hard to achieve the Appalachian Transition--we know that these awards will play a huge role in our progress toward that goal.