Equity Group

The Equity Group is working towards social change efforts across the region that will advance a growing equity agenda and produces more equitable outcomes for marginalized communities across Appalachia. These marginalized communities consist particularly but not exclusively of low-income people, women and people of color. Social change efforts better understand the challenges that marginalized people face to help them develop solutions that produce fairer outcomes. Understanding these unique situations and their solutions will create more shared understanding across differences in the region.


  1. Develop an equity learning agenda that fosters a common understanding of systemic inequity in Central Appalachia.
  2. Develop an equity framework to clearly communicate the Network’s equity agenda.
  3. Share and/or create the tools and resources that Network members need to facilitate action-oriented conversations with their diverse partners.
  4. Facilitate members’ access to and application of tools they can use to develop an equity framework for AFN.
  5. Educate national funders about what equity looks like in Central Appalachia. 


Members of the Equity Group

Monique Anthony, Tennessee Department of Health 

Ethan Hamblin, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation

Emily Avery, Rural LISC

Janelle Choi, Marguerite Casey Foundation 

Walter Davis, Appalachian Community Fund 

Eric DeWald, HealthPath Foundation

Michelle Foster, The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation 

Donna Gambrell, Appalachian Community Capital

Margo Miller, Appalachian Community Fund 

Sarah Shanley Hope, The Solutions Project

Gerry Roll, Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky 

Mikki Sager, The Conservation Fund

Lora Smith, Appalachian Impact Fund 

Shei Sanchez, Sisters Health Foundation 

Katie Loudin, One Foundation