Place-Based Foundations Group

Community and place-based foundations play a significant and unique role in creating the conditions for people to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from the economic transition. They build community capacity by developing partnerships, building trusting relationships, and giving voice to community-based priorities and realities that are going to move our communities forward. Read more about how the group defines community capacity here.

The community and place-based foundation landscape across central Appalachia is diverse. Some areas are served by established, multi-county foundations; others by young, single county foundations. Still others are not served by a community foundation at all. Strengthening community-based philanthropy will require a commitment on the part of many players: local, state, and regional.


  1. Strengthen the Capacity of Community and Place-based Foundations

    Build the capacity of community and place-based foundations to be active change agents in the community, encouraging local engagement, innovation, and ownership while also leveraging resources to help communities become active partners in the Appalachian transition

  2. Ensure Effective Community and Place-based Foundation Infrastructure

    Connect community and place-based foundations across the region to provide coordinated and aligned funders on the ground to advance an equitable Appalachian Transition

  3. Increase Philanthropic Resources

    Help community and place-based foundations advance the economic transition by supporting them to leverage resources towards the Appalachian transition

Read more about these priorities and ways the Appalachia Funders Network will advance these priorities by downloading the Collective Strategy document.


Co-Chairs of the Place-Based Foundations Group:

Kerry Pigman, Athens Foundation

Marian Clowes, Parkersburg Area Community Foundation

Members of the Place-Based Foundations Group

Kristin Collins, Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky

Jeff Mansour, The Thompson Charitable Foundation

Margo Miller, Appalachian Community Fund

Gerry Roll, Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky

Bleik Pickett, James Graham Brown Foundation

Donna Stanley, Coalfield Water Development Fund

Kathy Allen, Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky

Lora Smith, Appalachian Impact Fund

Michelle Foster, The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation

Michael McClamroch, East Tennessee Foundation

Tiffany Hollin-Wright, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Holly Shelton, Foundation for Appalachian Ohio

Walter Davis, Appalachian Community Fund

Mary Fant Donnan, Alleghany Foundation

Gary Brewer, Redbud Financial Alternatives

Amy Lowery, CareSource

Sharon LaRue, Kentucky Foundation for Women

Baylen Campbell, Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky

Beth Rushing, Appalachian College Association