Appalachia Funders Network Explainer Video Series RFP

Project: Seven Connected Animated Short Explainer Videos

Organization: Appalachia Funders Network (AFN) |

Contact: Lindsey Wilson, Network Coordinator | [email protected] | 828.280.3333

RFP Submission Deadline: Aug. 22, 2019

Project Overview and General Scope of Work:

  • Product: 7 animated short explainer videos. One video focused overview of the Appalachia Funders Network (1-2 minutes). One on each working group (6 videos, 30 sec-1 minute each). Working groups are: Arts and Culture; Energy and Natural Resources; Food & Agriculture Systems; Health; and Equity. Videos should be stylistically integrated but able to stand alone.
  • Core themeof each video answers the following question: "What do these groups do and how does this work help advance the Appalachian Transition?"  
  • Goal: Clearly and concisely communicate the "Why" of the Network and working groups. Answering this question is central to shared understanding of how the Network and its collective efforts help advance the Appalachian transition. This helps AFN attract new members and national funders and serves as an introduction to people not familiar with the Network or specific working groups. 
  • Audience: Networks members, prospective members, national funders, and practitioners.
  • Distribution: Permanent presence on AFN website; email; social media; in person events.

*This is a general framework, but we are open to creative suggestions and direction.

Background: The Appalachia Funders Network works across the Central Appalachian region to accelerate an equitable Appalachian transition by convening and connecting funders for learning, analysis, and collaboration. We envision a healthy, equitable, and vibrant region that, through strong partnerships, civic engagement, and leadership, preserves our unique assets and provides prosperity for all.  The Network is entering its 10th year.  (See more about the Network at

Budget: $11,000-$14,000


Aug 22

Proposals Due

Aug 27

Selected firm contacted

Late Aug

Initial call with firm to refine scope, creative vision, work plan, timeline, and deliverables

Early-Mid Sept

General product and creative vision established, scripting/storyboarding begins for full project. First video work begins

End Sept

First video draft submitted to AFN, edits complete, video release


Second video draft, edit, release


Additional videos submitted to AFN, edits complete, videos released (approx. monthly)

*Please note that timeline, creative, and editing schedule is up for discussion with selected firm

Creative Reference: Previous explainer made for the Network

Project Guidance: The main project contact is Lindsey Wilson, Network Coordinator. Lindsey will be the point of contact for the selected video firm. Project overview and guidance is provided by the Steering Committee of the Appalachia Funders Network.

Proposals and Selection Criteria: Proposals should present a general overview of creative concept described above, budget, and sample video work product. Proposals will be evaluated based on the feasibility of timeline, adherence to budget, and work sample work submissions. Special priority will be given to firms within the Central Appalachia region.

 Submission: The deadline for proposals is no later than 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, August 22, 2019.  You can submit your proposals via email to [email protected].