Appalachia Funders Network Video

The Vital Role of Food and Food Systems in Central Appalachia's Public Health

This video presentation by Dr. Randy Wykoff, Dean of the ETSU College of Public Health, provides a data-driven explanation of Central Appalachia's public health challenges, explores the most critical factors impacting our region's health, and proposes an integrated approach to improving Central Appalachia's health that emphasizes the role of food & food systems. The video was made possible through the Food and Ag Systems Working Group partnership with the Health Working Group, with the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


7th Annual Gathering Video

This video, shot and created during the 7th Annual Gathering, captures the energy and momentum the Appalachia Funders Network is gaining in its work to usher in the Appalachian Transition. 

Thanks to Stonestreet Creative for producing this video! 

Promising Sectors Video

Take a peek into some of the innovative efforts to advance the economic transition in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Below is a video where we highlight some successful efforts in the local food, health, renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. These examples punctuate the opportunities that unite the entire Central Appalachian region.


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Appalachian Transition Video

Watch this video present voices of hope from those in Appalachia doing the innovative work of building wealth within a region on the brink of change. Produced by the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation in association with the Appalachia Funders Network. 


Steering Committee Members Radio Spot

Steering Committee Members on the Radio

WMMT in Whitesburg, KY interviewed Steering Committee members Ray Daffner of the Appalachian Regional Commission, Sandra Mikush of the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, and Gerry Roll of the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky. To hear their discussion about what the Network is doing in the Central Appalachian region to accelerate the economic transition, click here.