Whitesburg Learning Journey


The Power of Collaboration and Innovation in One Community’s Comprehensive Approach to Economic Development

Whitesburg is an inspiring example of what is possible for a small but resilient town in the heart of Eastern Kentucky's coalfields. A sign at the edge of town, "Welcome to Whitesburg, KY. Population: 1524 friendly people plus 2 grouches", hints at the singularity of this community.  Despite being a small town in a very rural Letcher County, Whitesburg is home to a record store, tattoo parlor, craft moonshine manufacturer, and regionally renowned music venue. It has gotten it’s fair share of national media attention, including been featured in The AtlanticThe New York Times, Yes! Magazine and elsewhere. 

This hasn't happened by accident. The place-based innovation and creativity that characterizes Whitesburg is the fruit of decades of groundwork and collaboration by a variety of local organizations.  On this journey, you'll learn about Whitesburg's ongoing journey and have the chance to connect with community leaders and organizations who have been pioneers in ground-breaking efforts in a variety of sectors. You’ll get to engage with Appalshop’s community-based media programs, Grow Appalachia’s home garden training, Community Farm Alliance’s farmers market Double Dollars and Farmacy prescription programs, a new collaborative community kitchen called Community Agricultural and Nutritional Enterprises (CANE), Appalachian Citizen’s Law Center, Homes, Inc., the Center for Rural Strategies, and more! 


The Whitesburg Learning Journey is generously sponsored by Chorus Foundation.